Rochdale BID want to keep you updated with the latest news, information and advice during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please check our website daily for more updates for businesses and website individuals.

What the ‘new normal’ will look like

We at Rochdale BID are working towards shaping the ‘new normal’ within the town centre, post-lockdown. We have been busy in the background, adapting weekly to new government guidelines, creating a town centre recovery framework and supporting businesses as best as we can. Now we are ready to move forward in line with Government guidelines and prepare for post-lockdown. There are 10 key implementations for post-lockdown that we are working towards.

  1. Town centre businesses will be kept informed and consulted every step of the way and a marketing campaign will be launched to demonstrate that public safety measures are in place and that Rochdale town centre is a safe place to return to.
  2. Social distancing will be a must. We are working with Rochdale Council, shopping centres and other town centre stakeholders to ensure a common plan for social distancing and movement throughout the town centre.
  3. We commissioned a ‘deep clean’ of the benches along Yorkshire Street and this will continue. Enhanced cleaning will the top of our agenda.
  4. We will be looking to install new signs to remind people about social distancing.
  5. We will be highlighting ‘hotspot’ locations as some places may not lend themselves to social distancing. Working with Rochdale Council, we will look at options such as closing streets, creating one-way streets, or widening pavements.
  6. We will investigate ways to make the town centre more accessible on foot and by bicycle.
  7. Special attention will be paid to the transport interchange and car parks where social distancing could prove difficult. Clear action will be needed at peak times.
  8. The BID Rangers will be the eyes and ears of the town centre.
  9. We understand that for sectors such as leisure and hospitality may need to adapt dramatically to the ‘new normal’ by providing outdoor social spaces. Therefore, we will look at new public spaces in the town centre which may include pop-up food and drink stalls to promote a vibrant atmosphere.
  10. To support town centre businesses we have partnered with Loyal Free.   The free to download app – which, so far, has more than 47,000 users – provides free advertising for local businesses to promote their offers and events, with the option to run a “loyalty stamp” scheme, feature in local shopping trails and sell products or vouchers online through a no-commission marketplace. Businesses can see the app and how it works at: loyalfree.co.uk/demo.  If you wish to find out more about Loyal Free, please email paul@rochdalebid.co.uk

Rochdale BID is here to support and help town centre businesses. If you have any issues or we can offer assistance please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We also want to hear from all those Rochdale businesses that have successfully adapted during these unprecedented times and to the plans you may have.

COVID-19 - Free Physical Distancing Resources

Since the government released their update on the 11th of May, we know some of you will be working hard to get physical distancing measures in place ahead of June 15.

To support your business for reopening we have produced a pack of assets that will allow businesses to put some physical distancing measures in place, in order to open as safely as possible to the public again. In particular, the free assets will go some way to helping shops and leisure businesses manage queues outside their frontages.  

The pack includes:

  • social distancing floor graphics
  • safety posters
  • an essential guide to opening safely 

The resources are free to businesses and can be ordered by emailing paul@rochdalebid.co.uk

Thank you

As we support one another through COVID- 19, it is important that we continue to share the right information and official government guidance to help keep everyone in Rochdale safe.

The BID wishes to thank everyone in Rochdale for adhering to this temporary way of life. It is incredibly inspiring to see so many local people and volunteer groups pulling their resources together to look after the most vulnerable in our community.

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If you have any queries regarding the support which his currently being offered, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07811 278517.

Paul Ambrose

BID Manager


28 May 2020