About Rochdale Town Centre

Rochdale takes it's name from its position on the River Roch and is probably best known for its Co-op, the beginning of the co-operative movement, which today still includes the well known national supermarket chain. Rochdale is also well known for its textile industries including cotton.

Its magnificent Town Hall built in 1871 takes pride of place in the centre of Rochdale, its original clock tower destroyed by fire in 1883 and rebuilt in 1887 is also home to a majestic stained glass window, that was supposed to be one of Adolf Hitler's priority acquisitions should he have won the war.

The town itself has many shops, with a daily market and boasts two shopping centres with many well known stores. There are also many specialised stores surrounding on Drake Street, Yorkshire Street, Cheetham Street and The Walk. View Map

In the evening the town lights up offering many bars, restaurants and night clubs for those who wish to dance the night away.

The Borough of Rochdale’s location, the north east of Greater Manchester and straddling the transpennine M62, makes it convenient for travel in all directions.

Rochdale town centre is being transformed

We’re creating a town centre with fantastic leisure, shopping, cultural and learning opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Rochdale’s new leisure centre opened in Summer 2012 and Number One Riverside, the iconic public library and council offices building, is complete and open.

Transport links into the town centre have been improved with the opening of the striking new Transport Interchange and the adjacent Metrolink stop.

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Rochdale Town Centre - view from the Esplanade

Travelling to Rochdale

You can get to Rochdale car, train, metrolink, bus, coach and even canal barge!

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