Rochdale Borough Shopmobility gives everyone with a mobility problem, whether through age, accident or disability, permanent or temporary, access to and around the town centre.

Supported by Rochdale Town Centre Management

Rochdale Borough Shopmobility gives people:

  • Freedom
  • Independence
  • Enjoyment
  • Inclusion in activities that many of us take for granted

Our services are for anyone who has difficulty walking or carrying shopping.  Our members may have a permanent or temporary disability and membership is open to ALL ages from young to old. 

What is provided?

All our members are provided with:

  • Electric Powered Scooters - Three & Four Wheel
  • Manual Wheelchairs & Pushers
  • Escorts for People with Sensory Disabilities

Scooters have either three or four wheels with several different makes whose controls differ slightly. The scooters can be operated with one hand either left or right therefore usable by someone who has had a stroke. Speed of the scooters can be controlled from a slow crawl to four miles per hour.

The scooters are key operated and the brakes are fully automatic and are always on until you press the lever to move, the scooter will move either forward or backwards when moving. To stop the scooter all you do is let go of the lever.

All of our scooters are EASY to use.

What does it cost?

Membership per year £10.00

Use of equipment (per three hour session)

Members £2.50  • Day Members £5.50

For more information contact Rochdale Shopmobility on 01706 925986, 12 River Street, Rochdale OL16 1RT

Visit our website: www.rochdaleshopmobility.co.uk