Rochdale BID want to keep you updated with the latest news, information and advice during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please check our website daily for more updates for businesses and website individuals.

Face Coverings

From tomorrow, Friday 24th July, it will be mandatory for people to wear a face covering whilst in shops in England.

To help communicate this clearly to customers, we have produced posters which can be downloaded from here rochdalebid.co.uk/covid-19/

We also have some simple guidance available for retailers: 

  • Display signage at the entrance to the store and other points as needed in the store to remind customers of this policy.
  • Explain to customers, if challenged, why you have adopted this policy:
    • It is the keep others safe and limits the transmission of Covid-19.
    • Rochdale is at risk of lockdown.
    • Many customers have asked for this policy to be implemented.
  • You can ask customers to temporarily remove their face coverings in the event that you have to identify someone against a proof of age card for selling age-restricted products.
  • Explain but do not seek to enforce your face coverings policy if customers become aggressive or are not willing to follow this policy.
  • In an emergency, call 999.
  • To report incidents of abuse, intimidation or violence, call 101 and collect information: recorded images, details of the crime and details of the perpetrator.
  • Guidance on reporting violence and abuse is available in ACS’ Crime Guidance here (pg.3) and ACS’ animation on managing violence and abuse in convenience stores is available here.

Thank you

As we support one another through COVID- 19, it is important that we continue to share the right information and official government guidance to help keep everyone in Rochdale safe.

The BID wishes to thank everyone in Rochdale for adhering to this temporary way of life. It is incredibly inspiring to see so many local people and volunteer groups pulling their resources together to look after the most vulnerable in our community.

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If you have any queries regarding the support which his currently being offered, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07811 278517.

Paul Ambrose

BID Manager

23 Jul 2020