Digital Media Consultant sought

The town centre itself is home to a number of bars and restaurants, all of whom contribute to and benefit from the town’s continued resurgence.

One of the challenges these establishments have is gaining customers during the early evening period of 5-8pm, either through commuters visiting after work, or through residents choosing to enjoy the early evening in the town centre.

In order to try and promote the town’s early evening economy Town Centre Management is looking to launched targeting marketing campaign. 

The audience for a marketing campaign would be:

  • Those commuting to and working in the town centre who would stay around after work for a drink or food
  • Those who enter the town centre later of an evening who may be interested in starting an evening earlier
  • Those who do not use the town centre services who may not know the options they have available to them

The key audience the campaign would try and reach is those who do not currently use the town centre.

Town Centre Management is looking to appoint a digital media consultant who will devise and deliver the targeted marketed campaign.  If you would like to know further information about this opportunity, please contact Rochdale Town Management by email - manager@rochdaletcm.co.uk by COP on 24 August 2018

16 Aug 2018