Coffee Trail 2020 and beyond

Explore the Coffee Trail in Rochdale Town Centre

Whether you are a lover of lattes, mad about mocha or all about the simplicity of an Americano, your coffee of choice could see you help both local businesses and the environment.

Coffee is essential for many people - whether it's grabbing a cup of coffee on your way to work; having an afternoon iced caramel macchiato; or treating yourself to a fancy latte. In Rochdale Town Centre we have a range of exciting coffee shops and it’s important that people see these fine establishments.

How to participate in the Rochdale Coffee Trail:

Its very simple.  Anyone who wants to experience the trail can grab a card at any of the nine coffee shops that are featured on the trail. 

Visit the coffee shops place your order and they will stamp your coffee trail card. Once you have collected all your stamps you can redeem a reusable coffee cup, created from recycled plastic, specially designed by The Paper Concept, which provides high quality alternatives to single-use plastics.

Anyone can complete the trail at their own pace in a week, month, or even year! It is a fun way to enjoy the town centre coffee scene at your leisure. Plus, you see all the delicious options that are available.

The idea of a reusable mug, working with Arron Dixon from The Paper Concept, Rochdale’s leading supplier of environmental wares to not only bring a brand-new exciting initiative to the town that not only benefits consumers and businesses, but is environmentally conscious.

Arron Dixon, of the Paper Concept, said:

“One of the most difficult challenges in the reduction of single-use plastic is coffee cups. Whilst we are under the impression the cups, we drink from are simply paper, the reality is they are lined in plastic to control the heat and they can't be recycled.”

“With the reusable cups, we have taken plastic that already exists and recycled it into a reusable cup.”

Building a coffee community

A lot of thought went into the design of the coffee cards, mugs, and ensuring businesses benefit from the scheme.

Jayne May, Project Executive of Rochdale BID, said: “The Rochdale BID Coffee Trail is the perfect blend of helping our businesses whilst helping the environment.

“So many of us enjoy a cup of coffee on the go in the morning, and we hope that by providing a special one-of-a-kind cup, that people will begin to reuse this over a disposable one.”

Jason McGuire, the coffee connoisseur behind Roasted and Toasted said: “This will be good for letting people know about all the coffee shops in the town centre.

“Hopefully, this will drive footfall into the town to see what is on offer.”

Rachel Byrne, Centre Manager, Rochdale Riverside said:

‘I’m delighted that three Riverside businesses Bean, M&S Café, Costa Coffee, have agreed to take part in this exciting initiative which has been development by Rochdale BID. ‘We are aware that if people are visiting the town centre to do some shopping, they often look forward to taking a break in a coffee shop to refuel before returning to the shops.  Thankfully, shoppers have a fantastic array to choose from’.

Stamps/stamp cards and reusable cups can be collected at:

  • The Medicine Tap, The Esplanade
  • Pudding Paradise, 105 Yorkshire Street
  • Roasted and Toasted, 17 The Butts
  • Café Grand Abaco, Abaco, Rochdale Interchange
  • Russells Café, Wheatsheaf Centre
  • Petit Bistro, 16 Baillie Street
  • Bean, Riverside, Riverside Walk
  • M&S Café, Riverside, Riverside Walk
  • Costa (within Next), Riverside, Riverside Walk







19 Oct 2020