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Rochdale is changing - Your opinion counts! #SurveyForBetterRochdale

Rochdale's Town Centre Management Company in conjunction with The University of Manchester Business School, is aiming to produce a marketing strategy for the town and wants the help of people who live and work there.


Beacon to light night sky in Rochdale on 8 May

Rochdale Cenotaph opposite the town hall has been chosen for the location of a beacon that will mark a very special Second World War anniversary in May.


More new businesses confirm growing confidence in Rochdale town centre

Another five businesses have opened their doors in Rochdale town centre since the New Year, meaning more jobs, more footfall and more potential high street spending.


Boomtime for Rochdale as new businesses get ready to set up shop

More investment and jobs are on the way to Rochdale, with big name retailer Aldi officially starting construction of its third Rochdale store.


Free parking plans just got better

Moves by Rochdale Borough Council to drive down the cost of parking have just got better, with three hours free parking in council car parks now set to apply all day.