Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rochdale Town Centre Management part of Rochdale Council?

No. Rochdale Town Centre Management is a private, not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Rochdale Town Centre Management Company has many partners, including the Council, Police, Rochdale Development Agency and local businesses.

Where does funding for Rochdale Town Centre Management come from?

Funding comes from Rochdale Council and through activities such as selling advertising in publications, renting out of The Butts in the town centre, running a radio scheme, etc.

What does Rochdale Town Centre Management actually do?

There are four basic areas that the company looks after: marketing and events, communication, environment and safety, and security. It is our job to work as a catalyst between the town centre businesses, the Council and other partners.

Why is management so important?

Rochdale Town Centre Management Company is a company limited by guarantee and is solely dedicated to improving the vitality and viability of Rochdale Town Centre.

The company was established to act as a catalyst between the council and town centre businesses which is a crucial role in ensuring the commercial viability of a healthy town centre.

The users of a town centre include working, living, shopping, entertainment, education, public services, health and leisure. Whilst there will always be specialist sectors who concentrate on any one aspect of the town centre, the company will co-ordinate all parties to ensure maximum results are achieved.

In order to maximise these various uses in a safe, accessible and consistent way; town centre management is extremely important and effective.

Just as business success demands a dynamic business plan with clear goals and objectives, town centre management extends the same principles to the very place where most businesses operate. It operates through a partnership of key stakeholders who all hold the same aspirations for their town centre, and who work effectively together to meet local needs.

As a member of the Association of Town Centre Management (ATCM) we play a key role at national level bringing together a huge selection of organisations to work on policy developments to strategically enhance the overall evolution of our town centres.

Travelling to Rochdale

You can get to Rochdale by car, train, metrolink, bus, coach and even canal barge!

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